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Click Art Gallery presents the works of contemporary artist Ellhëa, a recognized and listed artist, still in research and development in his painting.

The artist was born contemporary painter Ellhëa in the Nantes region in 1948 and lives in this region. It acquires very young the basics of drawing and painting through artistic association then she enrolled at the Academy of Painting Mill Nantes. She then took courses in drawing by correspondence at the ABC School, and perfects his painting by participating in workshops of artists.

It is expressed in oil paint and acrylic paint on canvas, but also in watercolor, drawing, painting ink, particularly to painting in black ink or Sumi-e Japanese wash.

Since 1989 she has exhibited her works in contemporary living rooms and private exhibitions in France and abroad. His figurative paintings Impressionist style, and its modern and abstract art paintings evoke meditative inner landscapes. All his paintings invite to dream.

Multiple centers of interest of the artist, nature, gardens, architecture, sculpture, music, esotericism him are always renewed inspiration.
She is also passionate about the ancient Chinese science of Feng-Shui, the art of harmonizing homes and gardens for our wellbeing.

The artist contemporary painter Ellhëa

is also a musician and composed of New Age music CD. You can listen to his music on his musician artist website: or you can purchase his music for immediate download. The Angel of Life CD Album, Album CD ATON, and feng-shui music Wind Asia are available on this site.

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Contemporary Painter listed in the House of Artists

Siret: 488 343 906 00019

Painter listed since 2005: see Drouot undercutting rating and Cambridge Expertise abroad.

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